Medical Care for Ukrainians in Germany

All Ukrainian people have the right to receive medical care in Germany. This includes tests and vaccinations against Covid-19. Below we have prepared some important questions and answers on this topic for you, based on the official information from the Federal Republic of Germany.

What Rights do Refugees have in the event of illness?

Those seeking protection are entitled to benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG): either after submitting a request for protection or after a residence permit has been issued. There is an entitlement to health services. This also covers the costs for transport and transfers to other hospitals in Germany, insofar as this is deemed necessary in individual cases for medical reasons.

What are People in Need of Care and People with Disabilities entitled to?

In principle, those seeking protection from Ukraine are entitled to benefits (according to the AsylbLG). The entitlement relates to the first 18 months of your stay in Germany and also includes other benefits: Those can be granted in particular if it is essential to ensure health or to cover the special needs of children.

Are Refugees also entitled to COVID-19 tests?

Refugees from Ukraine are generally entitled to a PoC antigen test (Point-of-Care-Testing). People who are not insured under statutory health insurance also have this right. For a COVID-19 test an official identity card (ID) must be presented as a proof of identity. Since people from war zones often do not have access to these documents, the driver's license or a document on the smartphone are also acceptable and can be presented to confirm an identity.

Do Refugees have the Right to be vaccinated against Corona?

Yes, people seeking protection are entitled to a corona vaccination, even without health insurance, if they have their place of residence or habitual abode in Germany. In the case of Ukrainian refugees the requirement of “habitual residence” is generally assumed to be met.

Where can I find Information about German Medical Care in Ukrainian?

You can find helpful information on medical care in Germany in Ukrainian language at Furthermore the website will provide you with information about tests for the corona virus and about corona vaccinations - an Ukrainian language option is included there as well.